Hi Everyone!

Ok, I realized we had a lot of comments from you and it took me a little bit of time to read the most of them, but don’t worry I make for sure that we are going to read everything. The thing is that our natural language is spanish, hehe, but we can understand what you say, don’t worry.

I enjoyed all the things that you wrote, it was a really nice time. We didn’t know if our web site was nice and util for people but now that you feeded us we are so happy to know that you really enjoy it.

I found that some people had the same questions about us, so, to make this easy I’m going to try to answer all them in here. If I forget something, please tell me.
And also we have a FAQ (Frecuent Asked Question) that includes this questions and some others.

1.-Do you have an email I can write to?
You can do it to: wakaranainofansub@gmail.com

2.-How frecuently you post something?
We try to do it al least 3 times a week, usually on monday, wensday and saturday.

3.-What server are we using?
Right now our host is wordpress. We didn’t buy a domain, so we are using the free version.

4.-Did you hire some designer for your web site?
Oh, this question was so amazing! The truth is that we didn’t, we are using Chateau theme from wordpress and our amazing girl: Elize LaurantHell, did all the job about the design.

5.-Can you visit my web site and tell what you think about it?
Of course we’ll do it, we want to know more about our readers so we’ll feed you back in your own web site.

6.-Trouble with images?
I checked this and there’s no problem with us. So, please try it again, if you still can not see the pictures, we’ll do a deeper research of the problem.

There were some questions I don’t know how to answer but I’ll ask Jolteon-sama about the webs that you can find us in, that we have or we could have soon.

Thank you so much to all the people who took some time to write us. And if you want to know something else about one topic, you can tell us and we’ll make something for you about that. Also if you have some critiques or suggestions we want to know it.

And thank you to all the people that bookmarked us, that shared us on your web sites and everything you do. You are amazing readers!

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